women and love

Friday, July 12, 2013

women .
once she fall in love .
she will fall in love all the time .
she will care all the time .
she will cure all the pain .
without think about her pains ever .
she will laught all the time eventhough it not funny .
she will remember her crush every second . no matter where she is .
she will smile even she hurt .
she will give alot of chance .
she will understand you .
she will not be far away from you .
she always have time with you no matter ho busy she is .

once you broke her heart .
she will never look back .
no matter how hard you try to get her back .
no matter how hard you presude .
no matter how hard you explain .
no matter hard you care .
no matter hard you try to make her smile .
she will never smile even laugh .
so, guys,
don't waste your time to get that girl .
don't wait the girls that you like before .
because she's not that girl anymore .

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