Monday, May 22, 2017

Waiting for PMS just like a lion wait for his prey. I'm become a grumpy person. No one can make mistake especially the special one. I'm going to be very sensitive person. Just a little bit mistake will make me angry and sad.

Sometimes i love to be alone and do not talk to anyone. Sometimes feel depress and feel something not right, everywhere, everything, every time. Body become weak and all part of body feel pain. Especially my back, my stomach, my muscle.

Guys keep saying we are lucky because doesn't have to pray, read holy Al Quran, go to mosque, and can sleep through subuh. They do not know how pain we felt, how depress we are waiting for the PMS time.

Not our desire to be a grumpy and sensitive person. We cant control our self  to be positive and acting as usual because we do not know how to control that feeling. It comes with its own without our conscious. Sometimes we not notice that after our friends tell us about the change. We just can smile but cant control it in overall.

We always keep craving with sweet very much. We want chocolate, ice cream, sweet, cake, pizza, all in one. We craving like crazy. Our appetite going highest and our diet broke easily. 😂😂

Its not easy for us to control by being the grumpy person. Lucky yourself if you have someone can understand and be sabar with your behavior. Be grate if someone still can control them self to face the grumpy lion like us. Its just once a month dude, So please be tolerant okayh !

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  1. Echa hari2 je grumpy. Tak period pun grumpy juga hahahah. Okay just kidding! Takmo grumpy2 okay :*

    1. hehhee. tak mo grumpy3 ya eecaa. no no no.

  2. Hehe. Kalau dah nama PMS tu, memang haih tak boleh kata apa lah. Salah sikit boleh jadi besar kalau masa PMS tau �� sebulan sekali je kan. Bertahanlah :D

    1. kan. dia macam tak boleh nak kawal langsung tu. on the spot jadi


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